Alpacas in the UK

Here are some of the best UK-based Alpaca and Camelid resources. Alpaca keeping practice in the UK can be a bit different to other countries. Check out these resources for the latest on alpacas in the UK, and if you are just starting out, consider joining British Camelids or the British Alpaca Society.

Groups and Societies

The British Alpaca Society: National specialist society. Website provides some useful introductory information for the new alpaca owner or prospective owner. The society produces a regular quarterly magazine, 'Alpaca' which is well worth reading.

British Camelids : The British Llama and Alpaca Association: Alpaca and camelid-related events listings, sales code of conduct and plenty more alpaca-related information. Covers Llamas, vicunas, guanacos and camels as well as alpacas.


British Alpaca: Selling luxurious alpaca fibre products.

British Alpaca Fibre Cooperative: Working together to market alpaca fibre in the UK.

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