Alpacas Worldwide

Groups and Societies

Cria at FootAlpaca Association New Zealand: Includes downloadable articles from the association's magazine.

Australian Alpaca Association: Site provides plenty of useful information about breed standards, showing rules, and genetic evaluation

Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association (CLAA): Background information about camelids, and details of how to register animals with CLAA or become a member.

Research and Registration

Alpaca Research Foundation: US organisation that supports scientific research in the areas of alpaca health and husbandry, genetics and fibre. Run by camelid veterinarians, research scientists and medical professionals. Some completed research reports available on site.

E-lab: New Zealand based testing company offering high quality alpaca fibre testing.

Yocom-McColl Alpaca fibre testing company. Some of our alpacas have fibre statistics tested here.


Mountain Meadows Ranch, Canada: Established since 1984, Mountain Meadows has supplied Hayne Alpacas with some top quality animals, and we now work together to develop even more successful breeding lines.

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