Stud Services

Full Board

We look after your female (and her cria if required) on a full board basis at Hayne and breed her to your choice of our resident herd sires. We will provide regular updates on her progress, as often as you need, throughout her stay with us. When a pregnancy has been established and monitored to 40 days post last service, we carry out a first scan using our own ultrasound equipment, at 60 days we carry out the second scan in order to provide final confirmation of her pregnancy and due date, then she can come home to you to get ready for the big day.


You make an appointment to bring your female to Hayne, where she will be bred to your choice of our herd sires while you wait. She returns to your own farm immediately after the service is completed satisfactorily. Whilst initial spit-offs and pregnancy determination are your own responsibility, we do include two ultrasound tests, usually at 45 and 60 days, in the service charge. For the ultrasound test your female can either be returned to Hayne, or tested on your farm*, whichever is more convenient for you. (*Dependent on distance, mileage from Hayne may be charged for this service).

Mobile Mating*

We will arrange to bring your choice of our herd sires to your location for mating. Please note that a maximum of three females can be served by each male per day. Whilst initial spit-offs and pregnancy determination are your responsibility, two ultrasound tests, normally at 40 and 60 days, are carried out by us at your location and are included in the service fee.


A full "Live Birth" guarantee is provided for every mating, with a return service being provided in the unlikely event that either the pregnancy should fail before a successful birth, or the cria not survive on the day of the birth.


Significant discounts are available when booking more than one service, from your choice of any of our herd sires, to be taken throughout the season. Full after sales support and assistance is provided throughout the pregnancy and, if required, during the subsequent birth.  For further advice and full details of the after sales support services we provide please contact us.


*mileage: from Hayne return is charged at 0.40p per mile

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