Alpaca Sales

Animal Sales

We have a wide variety of alpacas available but not all of our animals are listed on this website.   For complete details of current stock availability please contact us.


We can deliver Alpacas to your farm from Hayne, or you can come and collect your chosen animals at a time convenient to you.

Health and Certification

All animals we sell are in good health. Every animal you buy from us will have a recent veterinary certificate. Our animals are all registered with the BAS, British Camelids or CLAA, and you will be given the registration details and relevant documentation.


If you are buying a number of animals, we may be able to offer you a discount. Please ask for more details when you visit us.

Alpacas sold while pregnant.

Alpacas described as pregnant have been given an ultrasound scan to establish pregnancy, after preliminary spit-offs. Please ask if you will require help or advice during the birth.

Alpaca Group Sales

We currently have a number of alpacas we are selling in groups at great prices. These alpacas are keenly priced and only a limited number of groups are currently available. For further information either check our packages for sale on the AlpacaSeller web site, or email us for full details.

1 only Package of 5 Breeding Females - 6,000 + VAT

1 only Package of 5 Gelding Quality Intact Males 1800 + VAT

1 only Package of 3 Suri Females with 2 Cria @ Foot 8000 + VAT

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